​​​​​​​This project involved creating a new design and developing a multilingual website for a company specializing in supplying parts and services in the finance and retail industry. 
The primary objective was to create a user-friendly website that could be easily understood by people from various backgrounds. The website featured sections with a product catalog and their specifications, a service request page, an About Us section, news updates, and contact information. 
Key Features: 
- Clean and intuitive design: The website design focused on simplicity and ease of navigation, ensuring that users could quickly find the information they needed. 
- Product catalog cards: Each product was showcased with a card displaying the product name, image, and key specifications. This enabled users to have a quick overview of the available products. 
- User-friendly service request form: A straightforward and user-friendly form was developed to facilitate service requests, with essential fields and a submit button. 
- News and updates section: The website included a dedicated section for news and updates, allowing the company to share the latest information and announcements. 
- Pixel-perfect design implementation: Attention to detail was paramount, ensuring that the design was implemented precisely, down to the pixel level. 
The project was successfully completed within the allocated timeframe, with the design completed in two weeks and the front-end development completed in three weeks. The resulting website received positive feedback from the client and became an essential tool for the company to showcase its services and attract customers.

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